World Wide Panorama Solstice June 2004
Myanmar - Bagan (6868)


Bagan (Pagan)
is the most wondrous sight in Myanmar, if not in Southeast Asia. Across 40 sq km of country, stretching back from the Ayeyarwady River, stand thousands of stupas and pahto (temples). In every direction you see ruins of all sizes - huge and glorious temples like the Ananda Pahto soar towards the sky, small and graceful zedis stand alone in the fields.

This is one of the fines, largest, best-preserved and most revered temples in Bagan. It has been built around 1105 by King Kyanzittha. Facing outward from the centre there are four 9.5m standing Budhas (one you see here).

This is one of my favourite places on this world. Coming from Singapore it takes you about 2 hours flight to come to YANGON and from there another 45min flight to get to the small airstrip of Bagan.


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